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Marketing and Sales Solutions

We advise companies on developing and executing marketing and sales strategies. We research customer satisfaction and track essential metrics such as social media engagement, customer traffic and lead – to – sale conversion ratios.  We research market trends and investigate the performance of competitor companies. We review and develop organizations’ business goals, creating new, comprehensive marketing plans for their products or services. We help companies in promotion of their products or services, and increase their sales.

Manufacturing and Processing

Our team enhances product quality and efficiency by addressing cost, quality, delivery, safety, and team morale. We identify process issues, analyse problems, and facilitate transitions to improved methods. Our processing consultants play a pivotal role in achieving success by delivering practical solutions in cost management, quality enhancement, efficient delivery, safety measures, and team morale. Blue Sapphire Operations is dedicated to surpassing these expectations and ensuring the success of  companies.

Services Sector

Our consultants provide appropriate solutions by researching numerous market variables, identifying and implementing correct strategies to address client challenges. We provide profitability enhancement, digital transformation and advisory services to our client organizations. Modern technology, big data and market intelligence is used across various sectors to drive required changes and actionable outcomes. Using our industry knowledge, management principles, and technical expertise we strategize to meet client organisations’ goals in growth, profitability, customer satisfaction, customer retention, acquisition, employees’ satisfaction, deployment of new technology, introduction of new management methodologies, and use of new materials. We create real-life, integrated, performing, secure, and customised solutions to meet specific client requirements.

Software and Technology Solutions

Our consultants are aware of the momentous changes taking place in the software and technology sector. Client organizations across the segments and sizes are grappling with complex challenges as the industry undergoes fundamental shifts to subscription business models and the cloud. New analytics and digital technologies, rising client expectations and requirements, availability of skilled employees, cybersecurity threats are some of the challenges faced by the organizations. Our consultants collaborate with client organizations, study their requirements and provide roadmaps for actualization of various goals in areas of Operations, Services, Marketing and Sales, HR, Inventory, Procurement, Quality, etc.

HR Solutions

Our consultants specialise in identifying and resolving HR challenges for organizations. They develop strategic plans and assist with human resource development, training, and HR technology implementation.  We focus on human capital strategy, compensation and benefits, organisational change, talent management, HR analytics, learning and development, and HR technology. With dedicated managers, we offer end-to-end human resource development, customised processes, and support for candidate transitions. Our streamlined processes ensure satisfaction for both clients and candidates, providing top talent in various niches while promoting quick acclimatisation and maximising potential.

Supply Chain Management

Our consultants assist companies to improve their supply chain management processes, identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to optimize efficiency and reduce costs. Sometimes they also assist in implementing new technologies, developing relationships with suppliers and improving logistics. Working across various industries, they provide expertise in procurement, inventory management and distribution. Our consultants help industries to operate more efficiently and effectively, thereby maximizing profits.

Customer Relationship Management

Our consultants assist businesses in enhancing customer practices and experiences. They identify service needs, train employees,  and collect data. Consultants analyse data, provide effective recommendations to managers and employees, respond promptly to client needs, and offer tailored training. Their recommendations may involve Customer Relationship Management software, marketing, or support strategies to meet customer needs. Consultants follow up on implemented strategies to ensure optimal customer satisfaction through policy adjustments if necessary.

Inventory Management

Our consultants enhance inventory management, boosting client profitability. They assess usage history, lead times, reorder quantities, costs, sales, and current inventory levels. They identify dead stock and excess inventory, optimise stocking locations, and review usage history for anomalies. Consultants analyse future demand forecasts, calculate accurate stock levels, select forecasting models, set replenishment parameters, and determine new quantity levels. They perform comparative analysis to improve inventory levels without altering core goals of the organizations

Quality Management

Our consultants optimise production, service, and quality assurance strategies by understanding clients’ goals, conducting research, analysing data, and assessing feedback. They study the existing quality control procedures to identify strengths and weaknesses, to subsequently propose solutions and potential policy changes.